Promising Youth Project

Promising Youth Program

Piloted last summer with ten students, this summer program for high-risk youth ages (10-18) residing in Salt Lake City will have the opportunity to use some of their free time during the summer to participate in recreational activities and outdoor adventures along with options to gain real work experience through community passion projects, life skills training and community networking in hope of promoting safe and healthy communities and positive community law enforcement relations.  The program collaborates with the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation and SPLORE. The Promising Youth Program will have a team of youth workers and School Resource Officers who have agreed to dedicate their summer to participate in youth development through this program. The youth participating in this program will have the opportunity to gain positive and healthy relationships with the uniformed officers. The youth referred to this program are youth struggling with a commitment to school, in hope of not losing the youth over the summer.   This program will also serve to keep these youth in contact with School Resource Officers who can aid in helping the youth register and get back into school next year. 30 Students will participate in 2019.